Flat 1, 25 Green Park, Kingsmead, Bath

External works to the front elevation of no 25 and 26 Green Park, to include: renovation and repair of broken tiles, pointing, repair and installation of chimney stacks, inspection and…
Our Response Where possible, scaffolding should be freestanding to minimise the need to drill into the stonework of a listed building and associated irreversible damage to the external elevations. Should fixings be unavoidable, these should be limited to the mortar joints to minimise the degree of harm. Further details regarding the schedule of scaffolding and a stone repairs specification post-removal should be supplied to the LPA, and a minimally invasive approach is strongly encouraged to limit the degree of material impact to a listed building.
Application Number: 23/02526/LBA
Application Date: 06/07/2023
Closing Date: 01/09/2023
Address: Flat 1, 25 Green Park, Kingsmead, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment