Fitzroy House, 57A Great Pulteney Street, Bathwick, Bath

External and Internal alterations to install clear glass screen to enclose lobby.
Our Response

57A is a basement flat which forms part of 57 Great Pulteney Street, one of a Grade I series of late 18th century terraced townhouses, a number of which have since been subdivided to provide residential apartments, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It forms part of the wider streetscape setting of numerous clusters of Grade I terraced buildings along Great Pulteney Street to form a cohesive architectural whole that creates an intentional visual thoroughfare between Pulteney Bridge and the Holburne Museum as part of an unfinished mid-18th century aspirations to extend the city to the east of the River Avon. It is therefore a significant evidential aspect of Bath’s Georgian Town Planning OUV as a World Heritage Site.

We suggest further details such as the means of fixing the proposed glazed screen would better clarify the material impact of the scheme. It is recommended that fixings are limited to mortar joints, or any instances of pre-existing fixing points where there may have previously been a screen in place (the D&A/Heritage Statement indicates “evidence of a pre-existing timber screen”), to restrict the irreversible loss of historic stonework.

Application Number: 22/00596/LBA
Application Date: 11/02/2022
Closing Date: 31/03/2022
Address: Fitzroy House, 57A Great Pulteney Street, Bathwick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment