Field Between Manor Road Memorial Cottages And The Grove, Manor Road, Upper Weston

Variation of condition 22 (plans list) of application 18/01984/FUL (Erection of eight dwellings.).
Our Response

The proposed site of development is the field at the south-eastern end of Manor Road within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. The street is primarily characterised by a palette of modest mid-19th to early 20th century two storey terraced dwellings. There have been a number of modern inserts towards the end of Manor Road that correspond with the established vernacular style of the street, excluding the late 20th century Manor Villas. The site was approved for eight residential dwellings in 2018 (see 18/01984/FUL).

The Bath City-Wide Character Appraisal identifies the boundary wall vernacular of Weston as using stone boundary walls or railings, but “residential estates are usually open plan with either low walls or no boundaries at all”. Therefore, the inclusion of the proposed wall and railings in a grand, manorial design intended to create a private gated community is at odds with the character and appearance of the area, and misses an opportunity to visually extend the street. The gate would be clearly visible as a ‘buffer’ at the end of the street.

Should the principle of a gated private entrance be deemed acceptable, a simplified design should be considered that better accords with the vernacular appearance and material treatment of Weston’s historic village core. We suggest visually cluttering and fussy features such as the Victorian style pillar lamps are omitted.

Application Number: 21/00058/VAR
Application Date: 08/01/2021
Closing Date: 18/02/2021
Address: Field Between Manor Road Memorial Cottages And The Grove, Manor Road, Upper Weston
Our Submission Status: Comment