Ensleigh House, Granville Road, Lansdown

Internal alterations associated with previously approved conversion to residential use, (part retrospective) and erection of entrance gates and gate piers.
Our Response

We note that the proposed new entrance gates are to be ‘clad in Bath stone’. In our view they should match the adjacent wall and other gate piers on the site, we assume these were built in Bath stone ashlar not just cladded. We question the odd juxtaposition of a tall new gateway arrangement with the low wall on the corner, why are gates needed if the wall is to remain at circa knee height? We would recommend the ‘cock and hen’ wall is raised to the level of the main boundary wall at this corner section as this would be a better outcome for the street scene and enhance the new gate arrangement.

Given the applicant has already undertaken unauthorised works to the listed building, we wish to formally note the landscaping plan submitted with this application but not mentioned in the application description. The landscape plan looks to make very significant changes to the areas abutting the listed building (several new terraces, a water garden, formal lawn, planting, steps etc); we assume none of this work will go ahead unless a full planning application has been submitted and permitted. In our view, given the large extent of this work which will substantially change the appearance and character of the external areas immediately abutting the building and therefore impact on its special architectural interest and its setting, we believe listed building consent should also be sought, so that a heritage impact assessment of this proposed work can be undertaken.

Application Number: 18/03040/FUL
Application Date: 09/07/2018
Closing Date: 16/08/2018
Address: Ensleigh House, Granville Road, Lansdown
Our Submission Status: Comment