Erection of single storey lean-to side extension and timber outbuilding, replacement of windows and cladding, replacement of front door, alterations to roof to increase height with replacement of roof tiles,…
Our Response

Dale Cottage is an unlisted 18th century cottage situated within the Charlecombe conservation area, and the setting of the Bath World Heritage site. It is additionally located within the Bath Green Belt, and the Cotswolds AONB. The cottage sits adjacent to Charlcombe Lane, the main thoroughfare of the village conservation area, and a streetscape defined by its long-ranging rural views, and vernacular stone architecture.

Our comment relates to the installation of PV panels on the new pitched roof of the garage:

In principle, the Trust encourages the inclusion of micro renewables into historic buildings, places, and landscapes when there is minimised visual or material detriment to local character. We commend the intended self-sufficiency of the garage, with an EV charging point included inside, and support efforts to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption in light of the current Climate Emergency.

However, due to the installation of panels on the southern pitch of the proposed roof, we have some slight concerns as to the high visibility of the panels from Charlecombe Lane, and the potential impact on the distinctly vernacular character of the conservation area, Green Belt, and AONB. We appreciate the modern, neutral value of the existing garage, but emphasise the detriment of introducing new materials into the established historic fabric of the village. This impact is further exacerbated due to the lack of details provided regarding the intended design of the PV panels; in accordance with Policy SCR2, we would strongly advise the use of non-reflective panels that sit flush and symmetrical with the roofline to minimise an incongruity of form and materials.

Application Number: 19/05109/FUL
Application Date: 25/11/2019
Closing Date: 05/01/2019
Address: Dale Cottage, Charlcombe Lane, Charlcombe
Our Submission Status: Comment