Cross Manufacturing Co Ltd, Midford Road, Odd Down, Bath

Re-roofing of Ring Workshop due degradation of asphalt roof. New insulation and new asphalt. New plant located to Ring Workshop roof. New roof mounted photovoltaics.
Our Response

Cross Manufacturing Co is an unlisted late 20th century workshop situated within the Bath World Heritage Site and the immediate indicative townscape setting of the conservation area. The workshop site is low profile in height and visible massing, and sits discreetly behind two storey semi-detached dwellings along Midford Road. It is similarly concealed from view to the north behind dwellings at Hansford Square. Its streetscape presence is restricted to the two storey hip-roofed reception building accessed from Midford Road; this building has not been incorporated within the proposed scheme. As existing, the workshop is therefore of negligible visual significance or contribution to the streetscape due to being almost entirely obscured by its low-profile residential context.

In light of the declared Climate Emergency, we therefore welcome the opportunity for energy efficiency retrofits where this would not compromise the distinctive character or appearance of an area. The panels would be set back from the road and concealed from public views along major roads such as Midford Road and Hansford Square. The scale of the site additionally offers the possibility of integrating a larger-scale PV scheme within Bath and the World Heritage Site whilst remaining visually unobtrusive and recessive.

We note that approved Prior Approval request 18/05638/SOLPA previously included details as to the appearance and model of the proposed PV panels, although the proposed position of the PV panels as identified in the 2018 request has since changed to cover significantly more of the available roof space across the site. We recommend that as details identified in 2018 have since changed, further information should be provided clarifying the proposed model, appearance, and finish of the panels proposed to ensure aesthetic consistency across the site and minimise potential glare.

Application Number: 21/04620/FUL
Application Date: 13/10/2021
Closing Date: 04/11/2021
Address: Cross Manufacturing Co Ltd, Midford Road, Odd Down, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment