Demolition of existing side and rear extensions and replacement extensions.
Our Response

Chez Nous is an unlisted, late 20th century end of terrace dwelling situated on Tyning Road, within the Combe Down region of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. Directly adjacent is Oxford Terrace, an unusual example of a two-storey 19th century quarrymen’s terraced housing in Bath stone ashlar with clay roof pantiles associated with the old Combe Down limestone quarries. As noted in the Combe Down Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA), “such housing was subject to major losses elsewhere in Bath especially c. 1945 to 1980, making its survival here the more valuable.” It is consequently identified as a Non-Designated Heritage Asset (NDHA) of local importance to this portion of the conservation area, along with the semi-detached, 1920s freestanding infill dwellings identified as 5-6 Oxford Terrace.

We have concerns regarding the proposed two-storey side extension. Despite the existing garage that connects the ground floor of the building with Oxford Terrace, as a low-rise building this remains a visually recessive connection, and Oxford Terrace largely retains its original, designed standalone appearance indicative of the style of quarrymen’s accommodation found in the Combe Down area. An infill extension of increased height would obscure the exposed gable end and create an uncomfortable, unbuffered conflict between the two architectural styles of terrace. We would instead recommend any further extensions to be restricted to the rear of the property to mitigate visual harm to the Tyning Road streetscape.

Should this application be consented, we would maintain the unsuitability of a proposed ‘annexe’ extension as an independent dwelling within the low to mid-density context of the Combe Down area. Despite the relative narrowness of Tyning Road, the mix of short terraces with single or semi-detached dwellings combined with generous garden space to the rear is noted in the CAA as preventing historically-residential areas within Combe Down from feeling “cramped”. We would therefore suggest that the ‘annexe’ extension is conditioned to remain ancillary to the main body of the building.

Application Number: 20/03154/FUL
Application Date: 01/09/2020
Closing Date: 05/10/2020
Address: Chez Nous, Tyning Road, Combe Down
Our Submission Status: Comment