Demolition of existing garage and erection of two and a half storey building incorporating garage on ground floor and a single maisonette on the upper floors.
Our Response

11 Great Pulteney Street forms part of a Grade I Georgian terrace commissioned by Sir William Johnstone Pulteney in 1789. This site is situated within a highly sensitive heritage environment in the core of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. It is a historically-significant area densely populated with Grade I and II buildings as well as the Grade II Sydney Gardens; therefore, it is expected that this proposal will respond with a sensitive and complementary design.

BPT considers the current post-war garage at the rear of 11 Great Pulteney Street to be of a neutral value within the conservation area; therefore, the Trust acknowledges the potential of this site for residential development in keeping with other established precedents along Henrietta Mews.

The design is consistent with an application submitted in 2006, and therefore we have no objections to the mews façade or use of materials. The use of Bath stone ashlar and timber sash windows is felt to be in-keeping with the conservation area.

However, we have some concerns with the proposed roof height and shape. Currently, the building height dominates its ancillary mews; we feel that the roof height should be dropped to be equal to or below the roof height established by BBA Architects. This will help retain a visual consistency to the rear of Great Pulteney Street whilst avoiding the establishment of a precedent for buildings of a greater massing that will be of a detriment to the setting of listed buildings and the conservation area. We also recommend the use of a shallow pitched roof that better embodies the architectural characteristics of the Georgian terraces in the area whilst remaining visually subservient within the historic landscape in accordance with Policies D2, D3, and HE1 of the District-Wide Strategy and Policies Plan.

Application Number: 19/04139/FUL
Application Date: 20/09/2019
Closing Date: 24/10/2019
Address: Chesterfield House, 11 Great Pulteney Street
Our Submission Status: Comment