Bay Tree Delicatessen, 3 Fairfield Road, Fairfield Park, Bath

Prior approval request for the change of use of ground floor commercial unit into a one bedroom ground floor flat with garden.
Our Response

As existing, 3 Fairfield Park forms part of a local cluster of retail units at the bottom of Fairfield Road, intersecting with a similar cluster of retail units on Camden Road, that make up part of the local centre identified as part of Policy CP12. Whilst there are a mix of uses in this area (eg. unit 4a secured planning permission for change of use from A1 to D1 in 2006), the ground floor units remain active within the local townscape.

In accordance with Policy CP12, “uses which contribute to maintaining the vitality, viability and diversity of centres within the hierarchy will be encouraged. Active ground floor uses will be maintained and enhanced.” There remains a preference for a retained active use at ground floor where this is characteristic of the Camden Road/Fairfield Road centre serving the otherwise predominantly residential character of the wider area. Nonetheless, it is appreciated that a balance should be struck to ensure the sustainable long-term use of the building, particularly where a 12-year vacancy has been indicated. This should be clarified with the case officer with details of the cited ongoing marketing of the commercial unit to provide sufficient justification for the proposed change of use.

Application Number: 23/01327/CDCOU
Application Date: 17/04/2023
Closing Date: 17/05/2023
Address: Bay Tree Delicatessen, 3 Fairfield Road, Fairfield Park, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment