Bathwick Hill House Lodge, Bathwick Hill, Bath

Demolition of flat roofed garage to be replaced with single storey breakfast room extension and courtyard. Internal and external alterations, including reinstatement of kitchen window.
Our Response

Bathwick Hill House Lodge is a Grade II lodge built in 1840, now a residential dwelling, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. It forms part of the ancillary historic, architectural, and landscape setting to the Grade II* 1825 Bathwick Hill House, with both buildings likely designed by H.E. Goodridge. Whilst the Lodge does sit individually as a detached building along Bathwick Hill, it remains visually connected to the Bathwick Hill House complex due to its position alongside the site’s Grade II boundary wall and gated entrance with cross-pedimented stone pier cappings.

The Trust feels that the principle of development, with the proposed extension remaining within the existing footprint and height of the garage in order to be visually ancillary to the main Lodge building, is acceptable.

However, it is unclear as to the extent of the demolitions proposed. In particular, it is ambiguous as to whether the Bath stone façade of the garage would be retained, or demolished and rebuilt like-for-like. We would therefore emphasise the importance of clarifying this detail, whilst encouraging the retention of the existing stonework, which is likely contemporary to the construction of the Lodge itself due to the stylistic continuation of the Lodge’s platband to form the garage parapet, and the garage’s eastern coursed rubble wall that appears to run up the slope beyond the rear of the Lodge, potentially within the land associated with Bathwick Hill House. A structure of a similar size and position is visible within the 1882-1888 Ordnance Survey. Consequently, we would emphasise the importance of investigating the historic significance of this aspect of the Lodge due to its streetside position, use of vernacular materials, and physical and visual connection to the Lodge. Should the garage façade not be of historic interest, we maintain this should be suitably detailed within the Heritage Statement against which the impacts of the proposed works can be adequately measured.

We would strongly suggest that details of the proposed railings are submitted to the LPA for assessment to ensure a high-quality, traditional finish to the primary elevation of a listed building.

We additionally note the evidence provided for water ingress and mould growth through the walls of the garage, likely the north-eastern wall due to the building’s position set into the slope of the hill. Due to the proposed breakfast room’s northern position set back from the road, we would therefore ask for more details regarding proposed ventilation and/or damp proofing works, should previous cases be indicative of a long-standing, ongoing issue. We trust that officers will ensure an appropriate approach sympathetic to the natural material qualities of the building.

Application Number: 20/03026/LBA
Application Date: 20/08/2020
Closing Date: 01/10/2020
Address: Bathwick Hill House Lodge, Bathwick Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment