Bathwick Hill House, Bathwick Hill, Bath

Stone cleaning and repairs to the exterior of the building. Repairs to the roof including a replacement rooflight. Joinery repairs including replacement french doors.
Our Response

Bathwick Hill House is a Grade II* detached Greek Revival villa situated within the Bath conservation are and World Heritage site. Its design is attributed to H.E Goodridge, along with its ancillary Grade II listed Lodge building positioned along the southern site boundary. Whilst the original historic boundary of the site has been gradually eroded by later development, particularly to the north from the 1920s, Bathwick Hill House remains set in generous grounds with a sweeping driveway, set back from Bathwick Hill and screened by mature planting. The building largely retains its original architectural form with some minor additions such as a 1990s two-storey side extension and contemporary rooflight.

The Trust is supportive in principle of the proposed remedial works.

However, we unfortunately do not feel that enough information has been provided as part of this application considering the building’s Grade II* status, particularly regarding the proposed joinery repairs to an unspecified number of windows. Aside from one first-floor window identified on the south elevation, it remains unclear as to the extent and severity of the repair works required, and we would strongly recommend that the number of windows expected to require repairs is specified and annotated on the proposed elevations. We are also surprised as to the lack of information in the Heritage Statement as to whether any windows to which joinery repairs are proposed are of historic or material interest. Should these be 20th century replacements, we feel this information would be a useful addition to justify more invasive joinery works that might otherwise result in a loss of historic fabric.

We would therefore suggest that comprehensive existing and proposed joinery details are submitted to the LPA, with supplementary photographs to exemplify the degree of existing decay, as well as clarification on the proposed paint type and colour for proposed repainting.

We would additionally recommend that further information is provided to the LPA regarding the proposed redecoration of the wrought iron railings on the south elevation, including details such as the proposed paint type and colour for use.

Application Number: 20/02917/LBA
Application Date: 13/08/2020
Closing Date: 01/10/2020
Address: Bathwick Hill House, Bathwick Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment