Bathampton Mill, Mill Lane, Bathampton

Internal and external alterations as listed in Design and Heritage Statement (point 3 Proposed Development).
Our Response

Bathampton Mill is a Grade II flour mill, now pub, situated within the Green Belt and the immediate indicative landscape setting of the Bath conservation area to the north and the Bathampton conservation area to the south, as well as the landscape setting of the World Heritage Site. The mill is indicated to be early 19th century, but may be a later remodelling of an earlier building. It is situated along the main approach onto the Grade II Bathampton toll bridge and overlooks the River Avon, a designated Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

Where it is indicated that the casement windows on the south elevation will be replaced “like-for-like”, we recommend that appropriate joinery details and sections are provided to ensure these are appropriate to the appearance, materiality, and established fenestration style of the building.

In relation to the proposed external lighting as part of the landscaping works, BPT maintains some concerns regarding the cumulative impact excessive lighting may have on the building’s countryside setting (we have expressed similar concerns in response to application 22/01144/AR for illuminated signage). We therefore maintain that lighting should be restricted where possible to avoid detrimental light spill. Lighting which would impact the green river corridor would not be considered appropriate.

As proposed, the scope of landscaping works, and in particular the removal of trees from the front garden and along the boundary wall, is not clear. The eastern boundary of the site is currently well-planted and positively contributes to the green character of its setting as well as an area of significant tree coverage to the north and south. We therefore suggest that a more comprehensive landscaping plan is included to better indicate the proposed planting/tree retention plan along the eastern site boundary and elaborate on how external views of the site may be affected.

Application Number: 22/00626/LBA
Application Date: 11/02/2022
Closing Date: 14/04/2022
Address: Bathampton Mill, Mill Lane, Bathampton
Our Submission Status: Comment