Bathampton Manor, Mill Lane, Bathampton, Bath

Erection of two storey side extension and loft conversion with side and rear dormer windows. Revised vehicular access. Erection of new rear boundary wall and side boundary fence. Conversion and…
Our Response

Bathampton Manor is a Grade II mid- to late 17th century manor house, since converted into a nursing home, situated just outside the boundary of the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area to the north, and the boundary of the Bathampton Conservation Area further to the south, and the indicative landscape setting of the Bath World Heritage Site. It is additionally located within the Green Belt. The building has secured planning permission for change of use from a nursing home back to a single, self-contained dwelling (see 22/00592/LBA & 22/00591/FUL).

The principle of installing metal railings and a metal double gate at the site entrance is generally considered acceptable, where these would materially and aesthetically in keeping with their setting.

In the ‘Elevations & GA Plan’ as submitted, it appears that the proposed railings would be installed in a straight line between the right hand gate post and the existing stone wall along the roadside, cutting across the line of the grassed verge. The boundary of the site in this area is currently made up of established tree and shrub planting, with a belt of woodland characterising the north-east corner of the site. It would be helpful to clarify whether the proposed railings would intersect with this tree belt, and if so whether any tree works would be required to facilitate installation. It is encouraged that a new boundary treatment should be well-integrated with its setting and installation should not come into conflict with landscape character.

Application Number: 23/02017/FUL
Application Date: 31/05/2023
Closing Date: 06/07/2023
Address: Bathampton Manor, Mill Lane, Bathampton, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment