External alterations for the installation of new fencing along the riverside boundary to the former Herman Miller building and the installation of a new fencing enclosure.
Our Response

The former Herman Miller Factory, now the Bath School of Art and Design, is a Grade II 1970s factory building by Nicholas Grimshaw of Farrell & Grimshaw Architects, previously for the Herman Miller Inc. furniture company, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It sits on the north bank of the River Avon and directly looks across to the Grade II 1960s former Cabinet Maker’s Factory, although largely screened from view due to green planting along the riverside. The Bristol and Bath Railway Path runs alongside the riverside and therefore the south elevation of the former Herman Miller Factory remains of significant public visibility within its riverside setting.

With regards to the proposed installation of retractable bollards to the car park on the north side of the building facing Locksbrook Road, there does not appear to be any specification as to the proposed design. Whilst some photographic examples are provided, it is unclear as to what the finalised style, colour, and finish is of the bollards proposed to be used on site. Similarly, we note that it is proposed to implement a “bollard, planter or sculpture to stop accidental use as parking exit and improve safety” of the pedestrian access to the site, but no indication has been provided as to the finalised design selection for assessment by the case officer.

We additionally highlight an absence of information provided regarding the appearance, colour, and finish of the proposed “recycled plastic” post and rail fencing along the footpath and timber-clad sprinkler valve enclosure. We emphasise the importance of details in this area due to the site’s contribution to the green riverside character of the Bath conservation area and the resulting contribution of its boundary treatment to the appearance of the area.

Further details must be submitted in support of this application to allow for the proper opportunity for public consultation on the details of the application, and a proper assessment of the impact and integration with other projects.

For example the Bath River Line project is currently looking into developing riverside paths, parks, and infrastructure through the city; this could be a significant opportunity for collaboration to ensure the selection of a design and material consistent with the wider existing and proposed riverside palette.

Application Number: 20/04380/LBA
Application Date: 19/11/2020
Closing Date: 18/03/2021
Address: Bath School Of Art And Design, Locksbrook Road, Newbridge, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment