Basement Flat 1, 40 Great Pulteney Street, Bathwick, Bath

Internal works for the erection of a timber frame stud partition and creation of new door opening to create a family bathroom and en suite.
Our Response

40 Great Pulteney Street forms part of a Grade I series of late 18th century terraced townhouses, a number of which have since been subdivided to provide residential apartments, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It forms part of the wider streetscape setting of numerous clusters of Grade I terraced buildings along Great Pulteney Street to form a cohesive architectural whole that creates an intentional visual thoroughfare between Pulteney Bridge and the Holburne Museum as part of an unfinished mid-18th century aspirations to extend the city to the east of the River Avon. It is therefore a significant evidential aspect of Bath’s Georgian Town Planning OUV as a World Heritage Site.

BPT does not typically comment on proposed internal works without the benefit of a site visit. However, considering the Grade I listed status of the building, we consider that the Heritage Statement submitted does not provide an adequate assessment of the works proposed in relation to the material significance of the building. It is indicated that the bathroom and bedroom are “devoid of any architectural or historic features” and are therefore of no historic/architectural value. However, it is unclear as to the material age or origin of the wall where the new doorway is proposed, and how this relates to the historic plan form of the property. We strongly recommend that further details are clarified as part of this application to properly assess and justify potential harm.

Application Number: 22/00355/LBA
Application Date: 25/01/2022
Closing Date: 17/03/2022
Address: Basement Flat 1, 40 Great Pulteney Street, Bathwick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment