Apartment D, 12 Sydney Place, Bathwick, Bath

External alterations for the insertion of boiler flue to front elevation beneath pavement level.
Our Response

The proposed flue would be of a matching black finish to an existing series of vents already in situ, which would ensure a coherent appearance and finish. Where possible, we recommend any fixings or new openings are concentrated on the mortared joints between the stonework to minimise as far as possible the irreversible loss of historic stonework.

Where there appears to be an increasing proliferation of vents and flues across the lower ground floor aspect of this Grade I terrace, we encourage opportunities to consider how additions to the principal elevation may be managed to minimise visual impact and associated heritage harm. For instance, there is a question as to whether one of the three existing vents in this location could be repurposed as an opening for the new flue to minimise perceived clutter, though this is dependent on their current usage.

Application Number: 23/02422/LBA
Application Date: 30/06/2023
Closing Date: 03/08/2023
Address: Apartment D, 12 Sydney Place, Bathwick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment