American Museum In Britain, Claverton Manor, Claverton Hill, Claverton, Bath

Internal and external works for the repair the roofs of the former carriage court; replacement of a laminated UPVC roof with glass and repairs to the main bay windows on…
Our Response

The American Museum is a Grade I early 19th century country house, previously Claverton Manor, that has been a museum of American arts and culture since 1961. It forms a central part of the Claverton conservation area, whilst additionally contributing to the indicative landscape setting of the Bath World Heritage site, Green Belt, and Cotswolds AONB. This application particularly concerns the roof of the Carriage Court, which served as a concealed service access to the north of the principal building. Whilst more indicative of the historic social function of Claverton Manor and of a low comparative profile, features such as the projecting porch and stone balustrade present a striking, well-balanced elevation looking out across the east lawn.

BPT previously commented supportively in response to the repair works to the roof of the former carriage court (see application 20/03161/LBA). We therefore reiterate our position noting the current poor condition of the roof and the consequent damage to the rest of the building, rendering it unsuitable for public access; it is of increasing importance to conduct appropriate remedial works to stabilise the building as soon as possible and prevent further, irreversible harm to historic fabric.

We continue to emphasise our recommendations that listed buildings require regular, thorough maintenance and monitoring, as opposed to piecemeal repairs, in order to prevent smaller issues becoming serious problems in future, often resulting in the irreversible and detrimental loss of historic fabric.

Application Number: 21/05287/LBA
Application Date: 26/11/2021
Closing Date: 09/01/2022
Address: American Museum In Britain, Claverton Manor, Claverton Hill, Claverton, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support