Replacement roof covering, relocation of vent and flue pipe outlets and replacement windows (Flats 9-17 Forefield Place).
Our Response

9 Forefield Place is a modern block of flats situated within the Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. It is set back on a private access road from the streetscape of Lyncombe Hill, although it can be briefly glimpsed in wider streetscape views from directly opposite, with views over the roof towards Bathwick Hill. It also forms part of the ancillary northern backdrop above the Grade II Prior Park Cottages. The building as existing is clearly legible as a later addition due to its low, rectangular form, shallow hipped roof, and use of reconstituted stone.

The building as existing would be considered to make a neutral contribution to the historic character and appearance of the conservation area, and is of limited visibility within wider streetscape views. The replacement of the “existing grey metal windows” with uPVC alternatives would not be of substantial detriment where the existing building is already a modern addition at odds within its built context. Nonetheless, we are generally averse to the use of uPVC within the conservation area where this would be of detriment to the traditional material character and appearance of the conservation area.

We recommend that replacement windows in an alternative material finish could be considered, such as metal/aluminium-framed glazing.

Application Number: 23/00663/FUL
Application Date: 17/02/2023
Closing Date: 30/03/2023
Address: 9 Forefield Place, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment