Erection of a lower ground floor extension to the side and rear of the existing house with associated alterations to the existing house, demolition of existing detached garage for replacement…
Our Response

86 Greenway Lane is an unlisted modern dwelling, situated within the Lyncombe Vale character area of the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. It overlooks the Green Belt and Cotswold AONB to the south, across the tree belt situated above the recessed development along Lyncombe Vale Road. The area is characterised as “secluded and semi-rural character” (Conservation Area Character Appraisal 2018) due to the mix of developed streets bordering open fields and woodland whilst maintaining a visual connection with Bath’s wider landscape setting.

Where the proposed extension would be recessed into the slope against the southern elevation, this would largely be concealed from surrounding close-range streetscape views by green planting and adjacent development. Given the proposed volume of glazing and its southern orientation facing towards Perrymead, it is recommended that further information (potentially a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment) regarding the potential visibility of the site in longer-range views from the south is provided, as to assist the assessment of potential visual impact on the townscape such as increasing light spill or sun glare. Proposals can therefore be assessed in relation to how this visual change may be mitigated by either existing circumstances or proposed accompanying measures (eg. associated green planting).

With regard to the proposed solar PV the use of ‘frameless’ panels with a matt black finish is preferable to minimise reflectivity and possible brightness of appearance and blend in as best as possible with the existing roof covering, in accordance with Policy SCR2. Panels should sit as flush with the existing roof slope as practicable to prevent a visible ‘increase’ in roof ridge height.

Application Number: 23/00805/FUL
Application Date: 27/03/2023
Closing Date: 29/04/2023
Address: 86 Greenway Lane, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment