Installation of drop kerb and application of road markings. Removal of broken steel boundary railings and wall.
Our Response

8 Seymour Road forms part of an unlisted late 19th/early 20th century residential terrace, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The terrace maintains a generally homogenous streetscape façade with a modest two storey two bay form, with a bay window at ground floor and a pair of sash windows at first floor, dropping to a three storey height to the rear with a pitched roof stack extension per dwelling. The terrace’s streetscape presence is further maintained with a fairly consistent boundary treatment, set back from the pavement within a small front garden plot enclosed by a low boundary wall and gate piers in Bath stone ashlar, though it is noted that in places, including No.8, the original Bath stone ashlar has been replaced with modern blockwork. Later alterations has resulted in the addition of a mix of different railing styles, as well as the addition of hedge planting. Several properties have removed their railings altogether, but otherwise the established use of a low stone coping wall and gateposts has largely been retained.

The existing modern blockwork wall is clearly indicative of alterations having already been carried out to this section of wall, the historic gate piers have been retained and the continuous line of the terrace’s boundary wall treatment has been sustained. The removal of this section of wall would therefore be at odds with the shared character of the terrace and its streetscape presence within the conservation area. This application would establish a precedent for further, similar works to front gardens along the terrace, with resulting erosion of the positive characteristics of the conservation area.

We have some potential concerns regarding how this front space would be used. The applicant has indicated that the proposals would allow for “unrestricted access to front garden for storage of car trailer and other domestic use." Given the particular context of this location with a very narrow street, difficult vehicular access/turning, and high demand for on-street parking spaces, there may be some interest in the creation of a new off-street parking area, but from the provided plans it does not appear that the site would be big enough to accommodate a car without sitting out across the pavement. There may also be some conflict with the existing lower ground floor lightwell. We therefore encourage relevant consideration by the case officer with Highways.

Application Number: 22/04975/FUL
Application Date: 12/12/2022
Closing Date: 09/06/2023
Address: 8 Seymour Road, Walcot, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment