Beech (T1) – Reduce laterals over neighbouring property by up to 3.5m. Acer (T2) – Reduce lateral growth by up to 3.5m. Ash (T3) – Severe die back – Fell.…
Our Response

The proposed site of tree works is the garden setting of 8 Lansdown Park, situated within the Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The garden abuts the boundary of the Green Belt and the Cotswolds AONB, and is positioned up against the Kingswood School Middle Sports Field. The majority of proposed tree works would be focused on the eastern tree belt screening the garden from the adjoining sports field; wider views out across Bath’s landscape setting are otherwise screened by the steep escarpment on the west edge of the sports field.

The proposed tree works to fell a large number of ash trees infected with dieback are necessary, but we encourage, where possible, the planting of suitable native species along the boundary to reinforce and maintain the tree belt in this sensitive landscape setting.

Application Number: 23/00943/TCA
Application Date: 09/03/2023
Closing Date: 03/04/2023
Address: 8 Lansdown Park, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment