Internal and external alterations to include provision of new boiler and flue.
Our Response

Where the proposed flue would be inserted through the building’s rear roof slope, this would largely be screened from public view with some limited mid-range views from Entry Park Road. Any new flues or pipes should be of an appropriately recessive colour to blend in with its location; the use of a darker grey, non-shiny finish would help to settle the proposed flue against the natural slate finish of its roofscape context.

There is a general preference wherever possible for new flues, vents, and pipework to be situated within the roof valley to appropriately conceal works and minimise visibility as part of the main building elevations, though we recognise this may be constrained by the proposed internal location of the boiler, which the flue would service.

Application Number: 23/02928/LBA
Application Date: 08/08/2023
Closing Date: 15/09/2023
Address: 68 Entry Hill, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment