External works to include stone repairs, paint removal, stone cleaning, re-painting and reinstatement of consoles and balcony supports.
Our Response

BPT is supportive of the opportunity to reinstate the natural Bath stone ashlar appearance of this Grade I listed building, and commends the inclusion of details such as window sills at second floor level as part of the proposed paint removal works. The removal of paint would restore the whole building to its original, designed appearance and would enhance the shared special architectural interest of its wider Grade I terraced setting. However, we recommend that this frontage remains unpainted following the proposed works (see proposed option for repainting the ground and lower ground floor) in keeping with the building’s original, intentional appearance.

Where possible, we express a preference for the external wall at lower ground floor level to be retained as ‘exposed’ natural stone, which would be visually coherent with the rest of the building. However, we recognise that specialised treatment may be required in this area to deal with localised factors such as increased damp/water ingress; potential options could be explored in further detail as part of a future listed building application.

We note the potential for issues with the stonework to be uncovered as part of paint removal works and trust that this will be repaired where appropriate and with the necessary consent.

There is a positive opportunity to replace the missing balcony consoles in accordance with existing, neighbouring examples along the terrace. The original fixing points can still be seen on the frontage at No. 6 where these could be refitted. We recommend that relevant details of the proposed console design are provided, although the Heritage Statement indicates that these would be modelled on existing examples along the street.

Application Number: 22/04392/LBA
Application Date: 31/10/2022
Closing Date: 08/12/2022
Address: 6 Cavendish Place, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support