Internal and external alterations to include removal of timber cladding, flat roofing, UPVC pipework and gutter to west elevation, removal of internal fixtures and fittings, reconfiguration of rear entrance, replacement…
Our Response

52 Lyncombe Hill forms one of a pair of semi-detached Grade II early 19th century villas situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The buildings retain their shared symmetrical emphasis with centralised blind windows in the principal east elevation, two storey entrance wings to the north and south, and the addition of Victorian closet wings to the rear, although 52 Lyncombe Hill utilises timber cladding to the rear which serves to visually divide the rear.

Whilst the Trust does not typically comment on proposed alterations to historic interiors, we would note the proposed conversion of the lower ground floor vaults into a dining room as part of this application. In principle, we are resistant to the conversion of historic vaults to residential use; due to vault’s typically damp conditions and poor air quality, they are not best suited to human habitation, and remain best used, as historically, for ancillary facilities or storage space, rather than expanding the habitable footprint of the building itself. Conditions cannot be easily improved or altered within vaults without harm to their historic fabric and character, and the concealment or removal of features of interest.

We trust that officers will ensure the appropriate approach to these vaults.

Application Number: 20/03004/LBA
Application Date: 19/08/2020
Closing Date: 01/10/2020
Address: 52 Lyncombe Hill, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment