Internal alterations to basement level walls for damp proofing with replacement of existing staircase to lower levels and external repairs to courtyard drainage system.
Our Response

44 King Street is a Grade II Georgian terrace within the Bath conservation area and the World Heritage boundary. After reviewing this application, BPT supports the proposed remedial internal works. We encourage the use of natural, permeable materials such as lime plaster that are sympathetic to historic fabric in favour of modern tanking which can exacerbate existing damp issues. The additional use of natural ventilation to ease the issue is preferable to more intrusive, damaging measures.

It is recommended that contextual information regarding the history and significance of the courtyard is provided. We would also encourage the careful recording of the current courtyard in which the positioning of existing paving is noted before works commence. Whilst the replacement of irreparably damaged historic fabric might be considered necessary, it would be prudent to record the original layout and aesthetic of the courtyard to better enable an authentic replication following the proposed drainage works.

Application Number: 19/03936/LBA
Application Date: 05/09/2019
Closing Date: 10/10/2019
Address: 44 New King Street, Kingsmead
Our Submission Status: Support