Erection of 1no internally illuminated fascia sign, 1no non-illuminated hanging sign, 3 other internally illuminated signs and 11 other non-illuminated signs.
Our Response

The Trust objects to the provision of exterior uplighters in the conservation area, especially red, in principle. This is a modest Bath stone building which is part of a cohesive terrace of traditional properties, all with plain uncluttered upper facades. The use of red vinyl film to the upper floors can only be construed as a form of advertisement and would be significantly out of character with the divided Georgian style sash windows. Although the street is now part of the relatively new Southgate retail area, it is vital that commercial signs are designed to complement the traditional streetscape character which has been created and which visually links with the historic core of Bath.

The Trust also objects to the replacement of the individual lettering on the fascia with a fascia panel with an increased level of illumination and to the use of led lighting trims to the window and door openings. It also queries why it is necessary to have such a bulky projecting sign, if it is to be non-illuminated.

Application Number: 19/01683/AR
Application Date: 15/04/2019
Closing Date: 24/05/2019
Address: 41 Southgate Street, Bath
Our Submission Status: Object