External works for the removal of the exterior paint from the front (down to street level only), side and rear elevation of the building (including the window sills and reveals)…
Our Response

40 Sydney Buildings is a Grade II early 19th century dwelling situated on the end of a Grade II terrace, located within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site, looking over the Kennet and Avon Canal to the rear. It follows the typical design of the terrace with a rusticated Bath stone ground floor and modest, symmetrical fenestration with six-over-six sash windows. However, together with Sydney Lodge it sits a little higher than the rest of the terrace and steps out towards the pavement, resulting in an increase visual prominence. The street remains a mix of unpainted natural stone and painted facades, particularly along the Grade II Sydney Parade.

The Trust welcomes the opportunity for 40 Sydney Buildings to be returned to its natural Bath stone ashlar appearance, and commends the inclusion of details such as window sills and reveals as part of the proposed paint removal works. The removal of paint from all elevations, including the rear, would restore the whole building to its original, designed appearance and would be beneficial when viewed as part of the setting of the canal.

We note the potential for issues with the stonework to be uncovered as part of paint removal works and trust that this will be repaired where appropriate and with the necessary consent.

Application Number: 21/00686/LBA
Application Date: 16/02/2021
Closing Date: 01/04/2021
Address: 40 Sydney Buildings, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support