External alterations for the erection of garden wall following collapse.
Our Response

4 Larkhall Place forms part of a Grade II late 18th century stepped terrace of townhouses at 1-8 Larkhall Place, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. It makes up the indicative streetscape setting of the Grade II early 19th century townhouse at 12 Larkhall Place, originally a standalone villa before being amalgamated into the end of a late 19th century residential terrace to the east. The focus of the proposed works is to the strip of garden plots to the south, accessed via a pedestrian residents’ access path on the corner of St Saviours Road, which constitutes the setting of the terrace’s more formalised principal façade. The strip is bisected by the access path, with the proposed wall repairs focused on the strip of garden set on the southern side of the path.

We are supportive of the principle of necessary reconstruction works to reinstate a historic boundary wall, which appears to form part of the curtilage Grade II listing of 4 Larkhall Place. It is recommended that a methodology is included that details the proposed scope of repairs and means of reconstruction, particularly where the wall has already been demonstrated to be under stress from the lateral loading of the retained earth, and to ensure that the wall is of an appropriate material finish in keeping with the wider character and setting of a listed building.

Application Number: 23/01818/LBA
Application Date: 17/05/2023
Closing Date: 22/06/2023
Address: 4 Larkhall Place, Larkhall, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment