Internal and external alterations for the removal of existing UPVC windows to the front facade and provision of traditional single glazed six over six timber box sash windows. (36 and…
Our Response

36 and 37 Oak Street are a series of Grade II Listed buildings situated within a concentrated residential area south of Bath’s historic city centre. Built in 1820, they exemplify a critical social and aesthetic aspect of Bath’s Victorian heritage.

BPT strongly supports this proposal’s decision to replace the five front-facing uPVC windows with single-glazed timber equivalents. This will restore an element of architectural unity throughout Oak Street where, regardless of later style diversities, the use of white timber renders uPCV frames highly incongruous in this area. Furthermore, it is evidenced that six by six timber sash windows were present in 36 and 37 Oak Street up until 2014; therefore, this scheme proposes to reinstate a more authentic historic aesthetic without resorting to pastiche. The existing sash window will be retained, with its design informing the style of the proposed replacements. The details look to be correct. However, there is no evidence shown of an original window which the applicants say they will copy exactly. We believe 30mm is too deep for the meeting rails.

Therefore, BPT encourages this scheme’s intention to restore crucial visual elements of character to 36 and 37 Oak Street; not only will the façade uniformity be enhanced, but the use of timber and single-glazing is in keeping with the rest of the street.

In the interest of improving the energy efficiency of the building, and reducing carbon emissions, given that there is no loss of historic fabric, replacing the windows presents the opportunity for the consideration of slim line timber double glazing in this location.

Application Number: 19/03755/FUL
Application Date: 21/08/2019
Closing Date: 26/09/2019
Address: 36 Oak Street, Westmoreland, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support