Variation of condition 3 (Plans List (Compliance)) of application 22/00814/FUL (Repair, refurbishment, renewal and alterations to a listed building. Demolition of garage and the creation of a gated parking courtyard…
Our Response

It is proposed to vary planning permission granted under application 22/00814/FUL to replace the existing modern concrete block wall at lower ground floor level with “a concrete lining structure finished with through colour white render”, where it was previously proposed that this would be finished in “a facing ashlar stone”.

We consider that the proposed amendment would be of limited harm, where the existing wall is in a painted concrete blockwork, and the lower ground aspect of the rear elevation is well-concealed in wider landscape views by virtue of its sloping garden context elevated above Lyncombe Hill.
Where application 22/00814/FUL has already proposed a number of energy efficient upgrades and retrofits, including slimlite double glazing, internal wall and roof insulation, and the installation of an air-source heat pump, we suggest that an insulating render finish could be considered to further improve the building’s thermal performance and reduce heat loss.

Application Number: 23/01489/VAR
Application Date: 21/04/2023
Closing Date: 09/06/2023
Address: 36 Lyncombe Hill, Lyncombe, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support