Internal and external work including removal of paint to window reveals, mouldings, cills and areas of the lower ground floor. Re-instatement of a number of Georgian sashes to make all…
Our Response

34 Rivers Street is a Grade II Georgian terrace that intersects Rivers Street and Russell Street, and is consequently a dominant frontage within the streetscape. It is situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The existing façade is mismatched, and is therefore demonstrative of a visible narrative of change and replacement throughout the building’s life.

BPT is supportive of the proposed paint removal to expose the window reveals, and feel that this will improve the appearance of a listed building whilst conforming to the existing finish of the area. In principle, we are supportive of the reinstatement of Georgian-style six-over-six sliding sash windows where this will restore the uniformity of a historic building’s façade or restore a building’s original appearance. However, we would request that more information is supplied regarding the age of the windows intended to be replaced which are described as being “in the Victorian style”. We feel that should these be examples of historic glass, they should be retained and maintained as part of the building’s later Victorian narrative.

Application Number: 20/00091/LBA
Application Date: 14/01/2020
Closing Date: 13/02/2020
Address: 34 Rivers Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment