External alterations for the decorating to the front of the house. Painting of the the ground, first and second floor window sills following removal of paint.
Our Response

33 Northampton Street is a Grade II Georgian terraced dwelling situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. It forms an unusual pair with 32 Northampton Street, in which the first and second floors share a continuous sill course beneath the sash windows, which have been painted to delineate the window reveals.

The Trust calls for greater clarity regarding this proposal, particularly the proposal to “return the strip of masonry that is under the first and second floor windows to a continuous band of stone as per most of the other houses in Northampton Street”. From our observation of the site, the continuous sill course at 33 Northampton Street is intact, but is an unusual feature whereas most of the terrace have clearly defined detached stone sills under each window. We would therefore advise that further information regarding this aspect of this scheme is provided for the benefit of the LPA, which could be helpfully elaborated by the inclusion of relevant elevations.

We would usually encourage the complete removal of paint applied to Bath stone and treatment of the exposed stone in an appropriate manner.

If this application is approved we would additionally recommend that the specific colour for the proposed repainting of the sills is provided for reference.

Application Number: 20/01976/LBA
Application Date: 12/06/2020
Closing Date: 09/07/2020
Address: 33 Northampton Street, Lansdown
Our Submission Status: Comment