Removal of existing planting and hedgerow with erection of new close boarded timber fence along inside face of low level sandstone boundary wall to western elevation of property.
Our Response

3 Partis Way is an unlisted residential building which forms part of a 20th century suburb within the World Heritage Site. It is situated just outside of the boundary of the Bath conservation area and as such forms part of its immediate townscape contextual setting. The suburb is characterised by its mid- to high density, comprised of semi-detached dwelling set back within gardens that provide a roadside buffer. There are multiple examples where the front garden space has since been converted to off-street parking, including at 3 Partis Way. Boundaries are predominantly delineated through the use of hedgerows and shrub planting over low stone boundary walls. Whilst there are examples of timber fencing in this area, these are typically used to reinforce existing boundary planting. The resulting streetscape character is relatively green, although this verdant appearance has been gradually eroded where hedgerows have been removed.

We therefore have some concerns regarding the partial removal of the hedgerow along this boundary and the resulting impact on the residential street scene. The site is of high visibility and defines the corner for pedestrians and vehicles entering Partis Way from Newbridge Hill. We therefore express a preference for the retention of boundary greening where possible. In the instance of the proposed installation of a timber boarded fence, we suggest that this could be reinforced by retained greenery, or alternatively located behind existing planting.

Application Number: 22/02973/FUL
Application Date: 26/07/2022
Closing Date: 24/08/2022
Address: 3 Partis Way, Lower Weston, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment