Replace existing shop frontage with new windows to allow light and air flow into the dwelling house.
Our Response

29 Victoria Buildings forms one half of a semi-detached pair of mid- to late-19th century dwellings with ground-floor projecting shop fronts, likely added later, situated within the World Heritage site. Whilst unlisted, it contributes to the late Georgian and mid-Victorian vernacular appearance of the area, and the setting of multiple Grade II terraced buildings along Park View and Victoria Buildings.

The Trust strongly advises against the use of uPVC windows within the World Heritage site. The use of obviously modern materials would undermine the otherwise traditional material palette of both 28 and 29 Victoria Buildings, and would have an intrusive, visually negative impact on the historic streetscape. We do not consider examples of uPVC in the immediate vicinity to constitute an appropriate precedent for forthcoming material alterations. We would strongly recommend the use of traditional timber-framed windows to ensure a matching use of traditional materials and aesthetic with 28 Victoria Buildings, and the largely retained positive historic detailing of the terraced Grade II Victoria Buildings.

Furthermore, we feel that the removal of the timber shopfront and associated detailing will be of detriment to the appearance and character of the building. Whilst now a residential dwelling, the ground floor shopfront contributes to the localised commercial appearance and heritage of this portion of Lower Bristol Road, particularly visible along St Peter’s Terrace through the retention of large, projecting ground floor windows, off-centre front doors, and at 38 Victoria Buildings where a plain, painted timber fascia strongly embodies the building’s previous use. We would therefore emphasise the importance of retaining the existing timber shop front, or alternatively using this application as an opportunity to install an alternative timber shop front in a suitably contextual historic design, to the established social, aesthetic, and evidential value of the building.

Application Number: 20/02165/FUL
Application Date: 24/06/2020
Closing Date: 17/07/2020
Address: 29 Victoria Buildings, Westmoreland
Our Submission Status: Comment