External alteration to install boiler flue.
Our Response

28 Richmond Hill forms part of a Grade II late Georgian terrace within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site.

BPT acknowledges the need for the update of the current building’s heating system. Whilst we appreciate the improved energy efficiency of condensing combi-boilers, we feel this is a missed opportunity to integrate a system that utilises a more sustainable, carbon neutral energy source such as green electricity, in response to the current Climate Emergency.

Whilst the Trust does not object to the installation of a flue in the front facade, we would recommend that a more appropriate material be used in place of black plastic, such as stainless steel. This will reduce the visual harm to the façade of the building through the use of higher-quality materials, whilst reducing the likelihood of later replacement.

Application Number: 19/05560/LBA
Application Date: 30/12/2019
Closing Date: 30/01/2020
Address: 28 Richmond Place, Beacon Hill, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment