Change of use of existing furniture workshop to attached residential annex to be used as holiday letting accommodation.
Our Response

24 Mount Road is an unlisted dwelling situated in the World Heritage site, and forming part of the indicative townscape setting of the Bath conservation area. Whilst the rear extension was built around 1998, the front portion of the building was constructed prior to 1930, and likely originally functioned as a chapel within the Southdown residential area that was beginning to develop at the same time around Twerton Hill. This building could therefore be recognised as a local heritage asset due to its age contemporary to the initial development of the area, its associated potential evidential value, and its current architectural contribution to an area of largely post-war reconstruction.

BPT does not comment on the proposed interior changes.

We are not opposed to the proposed changes to the north roof slope, and feel that the regularised position of the rooflights in a balanced and uniform layout will improve the overall appearance of the building. In the absence of further rooflight details, we would recommend the selection of an in-plane design which will sit flush with the existing roof pitch.

However, we have some concerns regarding the insertion of two dormer windows on the south roof slope which will significantly alter the appearance of the roof pitch, and its contribution to the streetscape of both Mount Grove and Mount Road. Considering the retained roof form is characteristic of small-scale local chapels, the insertion of dormer windows would fundamentally harm the building’s appearance and its original functional significance by undermining its distinctive profile. We would therefore recommend that a more recessive design is considered that better encapsulated 24 Mount Road’s architectural and historic contribution to the character and appearance of the Southdown streetscape.

Application Number: 20/01177/FUL
Application Date: 25/03/2020
Closing Date: 29/04/2020
Address: 24 Mount Road, Southdown
Our Submission Status: Comment