External alterations for the proposed addition of external balconette to first floor window.
Our Response

22 Brock Street forms part of a group of Grade II late 18th century terraced dwellings at Nos. 19-23, now with commercial ground floors, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. It forms part of a local street of shops and cafes just off the Grade I Royal Crescent, and due to its corner position it further contributes to the streetscape setting of a number of other Grade II buildings along Margaret’s Buildings, as well as the Grade II* terrace at Brock Street. No. 22 appears to have undergone later alterations to the principal façade, including works to the first floor Venetian window to square off the central window opening, which has somewhat visually set it apart from its terraced neighbours.

This section of terrace features balconettes at first floor level, framing the tripartite Venetian window at this level. Several of these balconettes are indicated to be later 20th century additions at No. 21 and the architraved window over a semi-circular carriage arch at No. 20, and these are evident due to their simpler, more utilitarian design. Whilst there is some variety in the design of the balconette metalwork, there is a generally consistent use of styles such as cross-hatching with centralised ‘florets’ (see Nos. 18, 20, and 23) that speaks to a trend for installation during an earlier historic period. The balconettes have been in situ since 1903 at the very latest based on photographic evidence, but are presumed to be earlier in date.

Where there is a precedent for the installation of balconettes along this section of terrace, it is considered that a similar installation at No. 22 would be in keeping with its wider setting and its contribution to the group value and uniformity of the terrace. The new balconette should appropriately match the existing balconettes in its proposed design and finish; the application appears to indicate that it would emulate the balconette design at No. 18.

Where a new balconette would require the creation of new fixing points into the principal façade of the building, we encourage wherever possible that fixings are focused in the mortar joints between the ashlar blocks to minimise loss of historic fabric.

Application Number: 23/02165/LBA
Application Date: 13/06/2023
Closing Date: 20/07/2023
Address: 22 Brock Street, City Centre, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support