Erection of basement side extension with roof-top terrace and car port, to follow removal of existing two storey front extension, rear balcony and workshop (Revised scheme).
Our Response

We find this application to be confusing. The existing elevations drawings are incorrect to what is currently visible on site on Google maps, though we acknowledge they are essentially the proposed elevations for an application approved in 2017 (including the two storey front extension referred to in the description which we assume the applicant has not built yet, otherwise they would be removing something only built a year ago). The current proposed elevations drawings revert the front elevation back to broadly its current state. The local councillor states in support that the house is not visible from the road when the building is entirely visible on a main route into and out of Bath.

We are concerned regarding the proposed use of ‘timber effect cladding’ which sounds like an inferior material to actual timber cladding. We would recommend that any timber cladding is specified to ensure that the type, colour and weathering of the cladding is appropriate to local context. Whilst timber cladding (rather than timber effect cladding) may well be an appropriate material for the rear extension of the property we would caution its excessive use on the front elevation. All in all we have no objection to the principle of extending this building but we would caveat by saying that this must not degrade the street scene and must be sensitive to the character and materials palette of the locality.

Application Number: 19/00004/FUL
Application Date: 02/01/2019
Closing Date: 28/01/2019
Address: 20 Old Newbridge Hill, Newbridge
Our Submission Status: Comment