Erection of rear single storey extension following demolition of existing, and internal modification and refurbishment.
Our Response

The Trust has no concerns regarding the principle of the proposed new extension however there is a lack of detail regarding the proposed materials, especially the timber cladding (there is no information on type of wood, weathering, colour etc.). In our view timber cladding is not an appropriate material for use in an urban 18th century environment as it has a rustic finish that is rural in nature and visually discordant with the fine stone detail of the listed building (and particularly if it does not weather well). Whilst we accept that the extension should be a legible modern addition (and it is clear the applicant’s want to make this ‘statement’) we feel that better contemporary cladding materials could be used that are more visually refined and lightweight with better longevity such as metal, porcelain or through colour render.

Application Number: 18/00552/LBA
Application Date: 07/02/2018
Closing Date: 15/03/2018
Address: 20 Bathwick Street, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment