2 Sunnybank, Lyncombe Vale, Lyncombe

Change of land use designation to residential use.
Our Response

This application concerns the section of land to the rear of 2 Sunnybank, situated within a wider plot behind Lyncombe Vale, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. Within the Conservation Area Appraisal, the area is positively noted for its “semi-rural character” and low-density appearance due to the mix of developed streets bordering open fields and woodland, notably contrasting with the denser, urbanised core of Bath city centre.

We do not feel that adequate information has been provided pertaining to the proposed change of use of this particular parcel of land, nor is there a suitable explanation of the site’s current use classification. We would note that an application submitted in 1997 for the change of use of the site in its entirety from agricultural use to domestic gardens was refused (see 97/00700/FUL). We would therefore consider that should this change of use be permitted, this would establish a precedent for the entirety of the site, potentially to the detriment of the existing character of the conservation area in which dwellings are interspersed with sites of a verdant, undeveloped quality.

We would therefore suggest that this application is inadequate in its present form, and further supplementary information including an overview of the current status and condition of the plot, appropriate justification for change of use, and any intended domestic changes to be made to the site should change of use be permitted, are submitted to the LPA before this application can progress further.

Application Number: 20/02369/FUL
Application Date: 08/07/2020
Closing Date: 06/08/2020
Address: 2 Sunnybank, Lyncombe Vale, Lyncombe
Our Submission Status: Comment