Internal alterations for the re-tanking of two vaults.
Our Response

The Trust understands the value and importance of underground vaults as they’re an integral part of the design of many 18th and 19th century houses in Bath. In particular they are an important element contributing to the architectural and historic significance of listed buildings and the historic townscape.

The Trust part supports the proposed re-tanking. We support the use of a lime based breathable plaster (25mm thickness) as a solution to the dampness. This is the simplest and least intrusive approach. We would like to comment that in this particular case we recommend the applicant consult an independent professional, such as a chartered surveyor, rather than a damp-proofing remedial company with a vested interest in their own recommendations.

Application Number: 19/02728/LBA
Application Date: 14/06/2019
Closing Date: 15/08/2019
Address: 2 Russell Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment