External alterations to include the erection of a new fence, changes to the existing area of decking and relocation of headstones.
Our Response

2 Moravian Cottages forms one of a pair of Grade II late 18th century semi-detached cottages situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. To the rear of the cottages is situated the late 18th century Moravian burial ground, included within the Grade II listing, which was in use for the burial of local congregation members until 1904. The site was legally divided into two sections in 2010 to function as private garden space for the cottage inhabitants (although it is still publicly accessible on appointment).

We note this application’s relation to unauthorised works for the erection of a central fence, timber decking, and the repositioning of grave markers from their historic recumbent position to lean against the western boundary wall and as planter beds, which form the basis of enforcement case 18/00520/LBWORK.

The Trust feels that the repositioning of the grave markers along the western boundary wall is more appropriate and sensitive than their previous use as planter beds. Regardless of the progress of this application, we would be interested in offering our assistance in the creation and maintenance of a publicly accessible record of the inscribed grave markers. However, we would recommend that details including the type and form of record are submitted as part of this ongoing application to enable the LPA to better determine the suitability of the proposed means of documentation.

We additionally maintain concerns regarding the material division of the site through the insertion of a fence. Whilst we acknowledge the site has legally and functionally been divided into two halves, the current fence has significantly altered the historic and evidential readability of the Grade II site as a whole. We therefore feel that a more natural, minimal boundary design would be better suited to the site’s context, such as the existing use of willow screening along 1 Moravian Cottages’ boundary, to enable an improved visual permeability between the two halves of the burial ground. We would further recommend that the top of the fence runs parallel to the ground in order to better follow the southern slope of the site, rather than the proposed stepped fencing.

We would further note the lack of information provided regarding the possible impact on human remains by the insertion of fence posts. We trust that the appropriate measures will be taken to minimise any harm to on-site burials.

Application Number: 20/02030/LBA
Application Date: 14/06/2020
Closing Date: 27/07/2020
Address: 2 Moravian Cottages, Weston Road, Lower Weston
Our Submission Status: Comment