Erection of 1no. two storey residential dwelling.
Our Response The Trust is concerned regarding the impact that this proposed dwelling will have on the character of the local area and the established suburban grain. The estate was laid out in a garden suburb symmetrical fashion with long and/or large gardens and in particular the large triangular plots on North Way show a distinct planned pattern which remains legible and unchanged. The intrusion of a new building would impact upon this intentionally planned character and look incongruous.  The detached house in an area characterised by semi-detached dwellings is also out of place. It appears crammed onto the plot and is generally harmful to the streetscape. Whilst there is an acknowledged pressure on housing in Bath, there are some cases where ‘garden grabbing’ is not appropriate and is harmful to the spirit and character of place and this is one such example.
Application Number: 17/01541/FUL
Application Date: 30/03/2017
Closing Date: 08/06/2017
Address: 181 Haycombe Drive, Southdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment