T1, T2 and T3 – Hazel stools – Reduce the height to 2m of just 3 specific heavy thick trunks overhanging No 3 Bailbrook Court which are covered in Ivy.
Our Response

The proposed site of tree works is the northern boundary of 172 Bailbrook Lane, otherwise known as Batheaston Villa, a Grade II early 18th century house situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. The trees form part of the historic woodland garden setting of the Grade II listed building, originally landscaped to include intentional features such as a mid-18th century garden temple (independently Grade II listed), ice house, and a cascade. Based on cartographical evidence, the surviving tree belt appears to have originally formed an intentional avenue between the house and an original gateway off Bailbrook Lane which has since been cut off by later 20th century residential development. The existing wooded garden site is therefore a surviving evidential remainder of the original, extensive garden setting of the listed building and preserves some contextual aspects of the original setting, layout, and access of the site, including a number of interrelated built landscape features. The garden site is now covered by a blanket Tree Protection Order (TPO).

We emphasise that ongoing tree works should be considered carefully in relation to the long-term management and enhancement of this wooded garden site in relation to 172 Bailbrook Lane. Appropriate pruning works are indicated to be necessary in relation to the management of impact on neighbouring properties.

As this application has been submitted as part of the site within ownership by 172 Bailbrook Lane, there remains the consideration of this application in relation to the site’s TPO status, generally done via a TPO application.

Application Number: 22/03748/TPO
Application Date: 16/09/2022
Closing Date: 17/10/2022
Address: 172 Bailbrook Lane, Lower Swainswick, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment