Conversion of the existing property to provide 2 No. two-bedroom residential flats, and associated works including the provision of a rear roof level dormer.
Our Response

17 Stuart Place forms part of an unlisted mid-19th century residential terrace, situated within the Bath World Heritage Site and the indicative townscape setting of the Bath conservation area. It is situated adjacent the original site of Twerton Gaol, later to become Stuart Works which was redeveloped into flats in the 1990s. The end of the road forms the contemporaneous setting for the Grade II mid-19th century Governor’s House. The southernmost section of Stuart Place is unusual in the presence of a clerestory window running along the rear roof slope from 19-15 Stuart Place; the shared nature of this feature suggests it could be original to the terrace’s design or early occupation, although this cannot be established without further information, and could potentially indicate the terrace’s function as weavers’ cottages due to the emphasis on the provision of light into the roof space.

Therefore, the Trust are concerned by the proposed insertion of a dormer window into the rear slope of the roof. This would require the removal of the clerestory window, breaking up a homogenous terraced feature and disrupting the visual balance of the terrace with resulting detriment to its group value within the Twerton townscape and within limited public views from the footpath running alongside the railway lines. We note that neighbouring properties at 18 and 16 Stuart Place have fitted dormer windows below the clerestory window, thereby allowing for alteration whilst retaining an unusual fenestration feature.

Should the principle of a dormer window be acceptable on this property, we therefore strongly recommend that the proposed dormer is reduced in size and lowered so as to be positioned below the existing clerestory window, in keeping with the rear roof slope treatment of the neighbouring terraces.

Application Number: 21/00227/FUL
Application Date: 19/01/2021
Closing Date: 11/02/2021
Address: 17 Stuart Place, Twerton
Our Submission Status: Comment