Change of shopfront from inverted bay windows and door to one continuous glazed screen.
Our Response

15 Livingstone Road is an unlisted late 19th century-early 20th century end of terrace shop building situated within the World Heritage Site and the indicative townscape setting of the Bath conservation area. Whilst situated on a primarily residential street, it forms a subsidiary commercial extension off the popular local high street Moorland Road. The building’s front elevation is of some aesthetic and historic interest due to the survival of multiple ghost signs of an unspecified age.

The removal of the existing PVC shop frontage is welcomed. We note the existing diversity of Moorland Road’s commercial townscape and mix of frontage treatments, designs, and colours, in which however the use of timber frontages and fascia boards remains popular. We suggest that a timber frontage could be considered, in line with the existing shop front at 17 Livingstone Road which is drawn upon as an example within this application, as a more sympathetic material and aesthetic match with the traditional, turn of the century architectural and material appearance of the Livingstone Road terrace.

However, should aluminium framed glazing be considered an acceptable replacement, we recommend a PPC aluminium in a colour to match future signage is selected to ensure a consistent appearance.

Application Number: 20/04729/FUL
Application Date: 10/12/2020
Closing Date: 20/01/2021
Address: 15 Livingstone Road, Oldfield Park, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment