Erection of a single storey extension to rear and cosmetic modifications to the interior.
Our Response

15 Brunswick Street forms part of Grade II early 19th century residential terrace, situated within the Bath City-Wide Conservation Area and the World Heritage Site. The terrace is modest in scale and constitutes a two storey stepped façade in Bath stone ashlar that runs up to the north from London Road. The main focus of external works is proposed to the rear of No. 15 where this would be largely screened from public views. The existing rear stack extension appears to be at least mid-19th century in origin, if not original to the terrace’s construction given the regular positioning of two storey pitched roof rear extensions to each dwelling within the terrace.

There appears to be a discrepancy in the plans as submitted. The proposed basement plan appears to show the opening up of the casement window reveal within the rear lightwell to install “Crittall style sliding doors”, to facilitate access into the rear garden. However, the proposed rear elevation indicates replacement of the casement window with a new 2-over-2 sash window. We recommend this aspect of the scheme is clarified with the case officer.

In response to the Climate Emergency, BPT is generally supportive of the principle of slimlite double glazing installation where this would sustain the special architectural and historic interest of a listed building, and sensitively respond to the identified character and appearance of the historic environment.

We maintain that as currently submitted, there is insufficient window detail to assess the potential impact of installation on the proposed building. Where the existing basement casement window is evidently a later installation, its replacement would therefore result in no loss of historic fabric and would positively reinstate a more traditional, sliding sash window which would reinforce the integrity and special interest of a listed building. In the case of the second replacement window, no details regarding its proposed location (beyond being situated across the rear elevation) or the existing window it would replace have been specified. We therefore recommend that this aspect of the scheme is clarified with the case officer.

Whilst the rear of the building is almost entirely screened from public view, we note the use of a 16mm slimlite unit is thicker than the standard for slimlite glazing (approx. 12-14mm). The proposed fenestration detailing would also be of a thicker profile, measuring approx. 45mm width. We question how the use of a thicker, and visually heavier, window profile for the replacement windows would sit against the existing, retained windows, and whether a slimmer profile has been considered.

Application Number: 23/01031/FUL
Application Date: 15/03/2023
Closing Date: 29/04/2023
Address: 15 Brunswick Street, Lambridge, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment