Erection of 1no. 2bed detached dwelling to the rear of existing
Our Response Comment: Given the constraints of this steep site we are surprised that it is possible to construct a dwelling here; and the scheme looks to be overdevelopment of the plot. That aside, we have a concern regarding the principle of development on this site given that it would be an incongruous addition to the streetscene in what is currently an undeveloped stretch of road bounded by a good quality wall. This section of the Wellsway offers a welcome break from built development and in particular offers attractive green views across the Entry Hill valley and along to Mulberry Park. A stand-alone dwelling would intrude on this vista and would break the continuity of and thus harm the positive contribution the old wall makes to the streetscene and the conservation area.
Application Number: 18/04990/FUL
Application Date: 20/12/2018
Closing Date: 20/12/2018
Address: 13 Entry Hill Combe Down
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