Creation of driveway and erection of rear balcony.
Our Response

The character of the area is in part defined by the extent of historic boundary walls. The loss of the defining boundary wall with pedestrian gate in this scheme will in our view be harmful to local character and to the non-designated heritage asset, as it will lose an attractive feature of the setting of the building and one which, as intended, frames the arrival to the historic dwelling. Whilst we accept there is local precedent we feel it would be a great shame to lose this feature especially as there appears to be no justification as the applicant has parking at the rear of the property. If the driveway gates are permitted wrought iron gates would be more in keeping with the character of the area and would still allow the villa to be glimpsed from the road and retain an active frontage to the street.

We are concerned regarding the loss of the rear balcony which is an attractive decorative structure that looks to be original Edwardian and designed with the building, no historic analysis has been provided to inform the planning decision and no real justification provided beyond the short term enjoyment of the owners. It mirrors the balcony feature on the front of the building and its loss would certainly harm the architectural interest and visual appeal of the building. We generally have no problem with a contemporary glass balcony on a dwelling where none exists (subject to material planning considerations), but in this case we would recommend that this balcony is retained so as to preserve the special interest of this non-designated heritage asset.

Application Number: 18/01332/FUL
Application Date: 27/04/2018
Closing Date: 27/04/2018
Address: 122 Bloomfield Road, Bloomfield
Our Submission Status: Comment