Replacement of boundary fencing to include gate, new steps to garden with gate to courtyard garden.
Our Response

117 High Street forms part of a pair of Grade II Georgian houses situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The dwelling’s exposed boundary wall and gable end strongly contribute to the visible vernacular use of limestone rubble throughout Weston, the view of which is beneficially framed by the open green slope to the south of the dwelling and is clearly visible from along the High Street. Due to the boundary wall’s position and material connection to the main building, contextual relationship with the dwelling, and apparent visual age, it can be assumed that the wall falls under the curtilage listing of the main property.

We note that a proposed boundary in timber boarding formed part of refused application 20/01439/FUL.

We initially highlight an apparent design discrepancy within this application. Whilst the elevation from Harcourt Gardens proposes a 1.2m high picket fence, the elevation from the High Street proposes a close-boarded fence matching that shown in application 20/01439/FUL. We therefore emphasise the importance of clarifying the proposed design, and ensuring all drawings match for the benefit of the LPA. We further note that the D&A/Heritage Statement proposes alterations to the existing boundary wall/fence “to provide a simple access gate for the property owner to access the parking area from the private garden of the property.” We again emphasise our previous resistance (see application 20/01439/FUL) to the use of this green space for parking, either now or as part of a future application, which would neither preserve nor enhance the appearance of the conservation area, nor the setting of a Grade II listed building.

With regards to the proposed replacement of the existing railings, we maintain that this application offers a positive opportunity for the installation of a more high-quality, traditional boundary treatment. The use of metal railings would be more in-keeping with the material character of the Upper Weston area. However, we emphasise the significance of utilising a visually permeable design that does not ‘shut off’ the green setting of 117 High Street from its wider streetscape context.

Application Number: 20/02826/LBA
Application Date: 06/08/2020
Closing Date: 15/10/2020
Address: 117 High Street, Upper Weston
Our Submission Status: Comment